Vietnam : Safety and quality in the food chain

International conference about safety and quality in the food chain

The fifth VBFoodNet International Conference (November 12-14, 2017) gathers an international panel to discuss issues and solutions on safety and quality in four food chain categories, including vegetable and fruits, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, and fish and fish products.

Two strategic targets were served through the conference organization:

  • Higher-school education and capacity building: the conference as well as the 2-day Summer school allowed many students (mainly PhD students) but also researchers to gain more expertise in food, feeding and nutrition through the different talks presented during these events. Moreover, it allows the young researchers improving their experience in science communication as well as giving opportunities to meet other researchers from different countries ;
  • Sustainable agriculture: sustainability of food production and food safety were among the main topics focused by VBFoodNet 2017.

This event certainly contributes a significant part to the development of food science and technology for Vietnam, Belgium and for the World. 

International conference about safety and quality in the food chain: 2017 Program

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